Roble! Roble! Roble!
Of Roble,By Roble,For Roble!

It's a present for Abbie,Moving Roble!?

Roble,who is my best friend in Concordia.
His name means wood of oak.

I wanna meet every day.
I green at seeing a Roble.
His character is so sweet that other dogs steal his food.
but I know his sensation,that's the way I love Roble!!
Hope to speak Roble!I would say Thanx!!!

Nowadays Roble!!December 18 2002

Sleepy Roble!


Relax Roble!

Where's Roble?

Eating' Roble!

Sexy Roble!

All the photo is taken by Yoshifumi

Yoshi took a photo first time Roble!
Someone stole belt of Roble!!

The house of Roble!!

   Roble likes shake hands!                      Too much sweet eyes!!

How cool Roble!!

     He likes to take a nap in glass. 

Roble with his friend Yupi.

Let's go Roble!like a greyhound!!                  He stopped to look for Abbie!?
  Roble is in park.                            Roble is walking in the street.

        Yoshi&Roble!           He's just coming in shop of Pupusa!         Tongue of Roble!

He is much polite.

   Left!                   Center!                     Right!

Roble pass time a naturaly!

Roble!                 Roble!                 Roble!

Sleeping Roble!

Special thanx for Roble!!

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All Rights Reserved By Yoshifumi Yamaguchi 2002@Concordia

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